I am a Madison WI native / recent transplant from MN, CA, FL & MO.

I am an actor, writer, father, husband and corporate slave.  The last will change as the years pass.  

I am a freethinker, which means that I don’t subscribe to or believe in anything that I haven’t observed myself to be true.  I have objections to organized religion, people who get their information from TV yet feel that they have informed positions on political and social issues,  corporations who pretend that they care about people, corporations in general, and my personal need for instant gratification.  While I have objections to these things, I don’t mean to say that they shouldn’t exist.

I have failed much more than I have succeeded.  I have made giant glaring mistakes in my life and am not sure how to make up for those mistakes.  Luckily I have a sense of humor.